Central Control Panel (1)

Control all your devices from one place. Encoders and more..

Devices (3)

All information on how to successfully connect devices to your Central Control Panel.

FlexDay Pass (1)

How to setup Input Stream, Restream, Social Networks and Player Code in Web Page.

Instagram (2)

Issues mostly found with Instagram accounts

Internet Browsing Issues (1)

Is Browser response slow ?. Here you may optimize your Browsing experience

Stream Events Solutions (4)

Only worry about getting paid in your Portal. Leave the rest to us.

Twitter (1)

How to Stream Live to Twitter

Més Popular

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1- UNLINK Facebook from Instagram Account 2- How to reset Instagram Password 3- After that...

 Connect Encoder to Central Control Panel - Part 1 (Android Phone owners)

Installing PortDroid Open the Google Play store on your Android device. Search for portdroid....

 Turn off/disable two factor authentication in Instagram

 Improve Browsing Speed

  Go to : chrome://settings/ in your URL bar.    Scroll down to bottom and click Advanced ....

 Setup Input Stream

The Encoder,  either hardware or software,  may need input in following formats: 1- As a...

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